Research and Destroy?
“It is not so strange that a branch of graphic design has evolved that no longer hangs around waiting for an assignment, but instead takes action on its own accord.” Designers are no longer constrained by given missions or “popular styles”. They can employ themselves to design in a new way. Before, designers struggled about whether to fit the need of the market or do something that they want to achieve personally, which is because they are bound with the clients and companies who need the market. Therefore, the methods and the outcomes might just be more repetitive and less creative to some extent. When lifting those restrictions, designers will start to listen to themselves and new ideas will be liberated.
Designers are always tied to those nominations of awards and degrees. However, having these titles doesn’t mean better ideas. Designers who have these titles are worth respect but younger designers should have the courage to propose new ideas and challenge the previous one. Like what the author said, the proposal should have higher esteem than need and justification.