Can jokes breaks down the government?
In the article, it talks about how memes and social media influenced politics. Since social media such as twitter, facebook and YouTubes emerged and had a large impact in people’s life, these apps were also targeted by politicians as viewed as a new method to support their campaign. Scandals like the Facebook information leak and Cambridge Analytica makes people realize how social media can be used against them. At the same time, it informed people that they can also use these tools to fight against those ambitious politicians.
Even if you’re sending memes and jokes on the internet, everybody perceives the information behind clearly. Now, images can be spread faster than words while being more informative than words. You got a bunch of people supporting your point on social media and you got the voice. Designers are not the ones who create those memes, but who creates and constructed the place that allows memes to exist. They design a space for more creativity.