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Home Object Catalog (HOC) is a personal collection of random objects at home. These objects are presented with functions and reviews written by the owner of this space. By looking and sorting through this collection, you, as a visitor, is able to peek into life of someone else.
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1 Colgate Toothpaste Bathroom Used with a toothbrush to brush your teeth. Extra whitening. After using it for a while, I didn't find my teeth any whiter than before. It's just another flavor of the colgate paste. No extra whitening. Fake commercials.
2 Card Bag Desk Collect all my cards including school ID, debit card, credit card, subway card and my IDNYC. It is a gift from my teacher in China for helping her write a foreword for a student exhibition.The illustration is created by one of her students who is only 8 years old. But I have too many cards and it might be a little small. ★★★★
3 Pilot Gel Pen 0.5 Baby Pink Desk Take notes and draw. Good. I bought it simply because it is cute. ★★★★
4 Chocolate Cereals Desk Match it with milk for breakfast. Sweet and crispy. Great for breakfast. ★★★
5 Chessmen Minis Desk To be eaten. It's part of my roommate's collection of snacks. Since she is in Hongkong now, she gave them to me. It's yummy and it has a mix of cream and cheese. ★★★
6 USB Port Hub Desk Have multiple USB ports for your computer. Hardly used since I bought it. Save it for the future. ★★★
7 Sesame Street Plastic bag Desk Taking all things back from shopping. Review:It is really easy to fold while being small enough to be put in your bag. I love Elmo on the bag. It is soooo cute. ★★★★★
8 Dry Flower Desk For fun. I made it myself. It's from a temporary booth in a flea market. I don't need to take care of it and the color of flowers won't fade. ★★★★★
9 Scent Swirls Green Apple flavor Kitchen Make the kitchen smell good. It helps a lot. Cooking creates weird smell in the kitchen and it maintains the smell for the whole day. With the scent swirl, the kitchen always smells like green apples. ★★★
10 Starbuck Ground Coffee Medium Desk Making coffee. A perfect start for Monday morning. I still remember that day I added too much ground, it kept me conscious until 4:00 am the next morning. ★★★★
11 Key Chain Desk Collect all the keys. There used to be a owl toy on the key chain but it was teared off. ★★
12 Curel Foaming Wash Bathroom Wash face. I don't like foaming wash. Won't buy it next time. ★★★
13 Beauty Egg Holder Bathroom Prevent the beauty egg from touching any surface. It easily fits in the cabinet behind the mirror. The form is beautiful and it matches the sponge perfectly. ★★★★★
14 Oval Brush Bathroom Clean the wash basin. Powerful brush. Make everything fresh and clean. ★★★★★
15 Hair Brush 2.0 version Bathroom Brush my hair. It's truely functional. It can also help me to keep the hair in curl. ★★★★★
16 Hair Brush 1.0 version Bathroom Brush my hair. It's simple and it is gentle to the hair. I usually put this one in my bag. ★★★
17 Rose shower gel Bathroom Shower. Rose flavor. I like the smell. ★★★★★
18 Rubber Glove Kitchen Protect hands from being harmed by dish detergent. It's a pair but I lost the other one. ★★
19 Used Kitchen Paper Towel Kitchen Swap kitchen table. It finished its duty. ★★★★
20 Kisses chocolates Kitchen To be eaten. It's gifts from a friend, but I don't really like them. ★★
21 Plastic Knife Kitchen A tool for eating It's part of my take out. It's not sustainable. I forgot to tell them to not include any untensils. ★★
22 Curly Hair clasp Bathroom Clamp the hair when doing makeup. It definitely helps a lot. ★★★★★
23 Vegetable Peeler Kitchen Peel fruits and vegetables. It's easy to use. I like to use it to peel potatoes, but sometimes it would stuck. ★★★★
24 Blender Knife Kitchen Blender all thing together. Crush them. All good. ★★★★
25 Apple Wrapper Other Wrap the apple and protect it from being scratched. Maybe it worked. The shadow is great.One star for the shadow.
26 Airpods Desk Listen to music. Better not to lost one of them. ★★★★★
27 OTR Bluetooth Sound Box Desk A device which converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. I like the vintage look of the little speaker. The sound effect is enjoyable. It's a gift from my aunt. ★★★★
28 Snake Earring Other Decorate the ear. One of my favorites in the jewelry box! ★★★★
29 Walnut Other To be eaten. No flavor. No comments. ★★★
30 Almond Other To be eaten. Better than walnut. ★★★
31 Air Pods Protector Desk Protect the airpods from being scratched. Be cute. The protector looks like a Kodak film. Although it made the airpod case larger, it's still easy to carry with. ★★★
32 Bean sprouts Other To be eaten. One of my favorite vegetables. The stem is shorter than the spinach but thicker. Crisp flavor. ★★★★★
33 Garlics Other To be eaten. Same as ginger. It's always a great ingredient for cooking traditional chinese food. Protect you from being harmed by Vampires. ★★★
34 Foldable sunglass Desk Wearing it to reduce the sunlight. Occupies less space in your bag. Cool to wear! ★★★★
35 Scissor Kitchen Cutting materials My roommate lost my scissor so I took hers. It now became a scissor possessed by two people. ★★★★
36 Type C - USB Convertor Other Convert Type-C port to USB port. I have to use the convertor when drawing with my tablet and for my mouse. This is why I hate the Type C port, it makes everything complicated. ★★★
37 Food Clip Kitchen Clip unfinished food. It's from IKEA. Small but useful. ★★★
38 Mobile phone holder Other Hold the mobile phone It's included in the gift set of my phone shell. Never use it. ★★
39 Logi Tech Wireless Mouse G903 Desk Interact with the computer. This is a birthday gift that I bought for myself. It's supports high DPI, which is good for gifts. ★★★★★
40 Medical Tape Bathroom To hold a bandage or other dressing onto a wound. I bought this in first year of college when my hand was hurt by the wood saw. ★★★
41 Grape Jelly Kitchen To be eaten. Again, it's my roomate's snack. Taste Great. ★★★
42 Knife Kitchen Cut things. Good. Sharp knife. ★★★★★
43 Wire For Mouse Other Connecting the mouse to power source. No comments. ★★★★★
44 Sweet Shape Decoration Other No real function. My mom sew it for fun. ★★★★★
45 Oreo Cream Flavor Desk To be eaten. It's OK. I prefer original flavor. ★★
46 Toy Alligator Other To play. Me and my roomates use this to decide who should wash the dishes. We take turns to push down the alligator's teeth. You'll lose if it bites you. ★★★★★
47 Leaf Earring Other Decorate the ear. My mom bought it for me from the palace museum in Beijing. It uses a technique that can duplicate the pattern of the real leaf. ★★★★★
48 Drinking straw Other Consume a beverage in a more elegant way. It is found in the refrigerator.I don't know why I put it there. ★★★
49 Old Version of Ear Phone Desk Listening to music. I only use this one when the airpods are out of battery. However, if you are recording a song using your phone, you should choose this one. Don't ask my why I know. ★★★
50 Ginger Kitchen To be eaten. It's always a great ingredient for cooking traditional chinese food. ★★★★
51 Winsor Newton Burnt Siena Other Draw watercolor. I bought this for my drawing class in first year. Combing this color with ultramarin and you'll be fanscinated. ★★★★★
52 Pencil Desk Do sketches. I like to sharpen the head of the pencil and make the upper part longer than usual. The shape is perfect. ★★★