Drag mouse
on the image!

Meet Mr. Flexible. Right now he might look like an ordinary box, but try dragging your mouse slowly to the left/right to see what he transforms into!

He hates laziness, that's why he's very active. Jumping makes him happy!

But sometimes he falls too. He said, "Hey, it's normal. I jumped and I get stumbled, but then I always keep on jumping over and over again."

That's just how life is. No matter how many times it turned you upside down, just remember that you always have the option to get back on your feet, start thinking rationally, and be tough. Don't let slothfulness take control over your life!



—— This page is brought to you by Umi Syam on 29/08/2014 as a part of
Major Studio 1 Assignment, MFA-DT Parsons The New School for Design.