Become one with the Bo, the next step in human evolution

We have been watching you since the moment you were born. Through your digital life, we have been collecting all of your data; likes, dislikes, as well as your online emotions. After you die, we then process all of this information into a true version of your online personality or “cyberself.” If you have been proactive before the inevitable death of your human form, then you will have signed up with us to have your cyberself live on forever.

Once your death has been confirmed with us, the process of rebirth begins. First, we take your cyberself and match it with one of our state of the art, digitally synthesized created creatures called the Bo. Then, based on your order preferences, we are able to download and 3D print your new body infused with your cyberself. Thus, you are reborn as a smaller, and might we say, cuter version of yourself. Order your Bo today, so your loved one's need not miss you when you are dead.

Bionic Eyes that resemble your loved ones'

Your Bo has your complete personality as well as some of your physical traits. Here at Oma we believe that the eyes are truly the windows to the soul, so we use bionic materials to replicate exact copies of your eyes from your human form and insert them into your Bo. Hence, each Bo is unique in looks and personality. Your Bo can also come in 3 base colors, White, Grey and Black. We, at Oma, offer multiple customization options so your Bo reflects who you are in personality as well as in appearance.

Personalised Accesories to bring your Bo to life

We know you love to accessorize. What you wear reflects your personality and tastes. So why should your Bo be any different? Your Bo arrives with a set of 2 accesories, one depicting one of your personality traits and the other your personal taste. Your loved ones can also order additional accessories to gift your Bo after you are gone.